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Thermal and thermal transfer printers

Thermal and thermal transfer printers

Zebra company is one of the best producers of thermal and thermal transfer printers. Its renowned position has been achieved through many years experience. As the official reseller of Zebra products, we are able to offer all types of printers of this producer:

•Office printers
• Semi-industrial printers
• Industrial printers

We can recommend the type of printer  tailored to your needs, provide service and ensure delivery of consumables.
Based on our many years experience and the awareness of the different customers’ needs, we are focused on delivering the widest possible range of products and services. Our offer includes industrial inkjet printers, laser printers and thermal printers. We deliver modern, easy-to -use printers of the highest quality and high production capacity. In our offer you can find both products designed by our construction department, e.g. Best Code Inkjet printer or high capacity Panasonic industrial laser printers.

f you are looking for a complex solution for your company and intend to work with the equipment from one producer only, we have something special for you. We have a close cooperation with of one of the world’s best designers of thermal printers - American Zebra company. The exceptionality of this producer is its wide range of product offer which includes industrial, semi-industrial and office printers. Having one supplier of the equipment for all of your company departments, can bring you considerable cost savings on service (all maintenance work can be done in one site at the same time). This will help you to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Our cooperation with the customer is not limited only to the purchase advice followed by a sales contract and delivery. We provide also equipment service and ensure delivery of consumables. It practically means that the industrial printers once purchased, remain "under our care” until the end of service life.

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